Have you heard about audio testimonials? Are you wondering what is an audio testimonial? A lot of such questions may arise in your mind if you have never used them for your business. Audio testimonials can surely benefit your business, and you will see how customers will find your business more authentic when you start relying on it. There are various reasons why businesses are choosing audio testimonials over everything else in today’s time. Some of them have been listed below.

Increasing the time visitors spend on the website

When visitors visit your website and only find the text, they will just read what they find relevant and move to the next website. This will not increase the time that they spend on your website. But including an audio testimonial on the web pages of your website can be a total game changer. Listening to the audio testimonial would require a certain amount of time. As a result, the visitors will start spending more time on your website.This will truly help you succeed.

Shows the effort of your customers

When you post audio testimonials that your customers have recorded on your business’s website, it will positively impact the minds of potential customers. They will also notice how your business has been a success. Because of your product or service quality, your customers have put in the effort to record the audio testimonials. Get help for it from a reliable website that can answer questions like what is an Audio NFT.

Video testimonials require a lot of effort

You may sometimes think that videos are more interactive, and that you should go for video testimonials instead of audio testimonials. But the reality is that audio testimonials can be recorded from any place, and the person would not have to take care of the lighting, the location, their appearance, and various other aspects. Video testimonials require a lot of effort, and most of your customers may not be willing to put in so much of it. So, requesting them to share audio testimonials about their experience with your business would be a better option.

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